The ski resort Garessio 2000 was born in the second half of the seventies and is situated on the hill of Casotto at an altitude of 1370m, 12 km from the center of Garessio.

The lifts are 4 including 3 ski-lifts and a chairlift with an hourly capacity of 1200 people. The ski slopes are still served by ski lifts are developed on the slopes of the mountains Berlin and Mussiglione looking towards Val Casotto. Altimetrically it goes from about 1,300 meters to 2,000 meters almost touching near Mount Mussiglione. This is a total of ten tracks of which six are classified as easy, two middle and two difficult.

In 2015, the management has been entrusted to Cooperativa Punto Rosso, that did not manage to reopen the plant after difficult and troubled years.